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Move in Pictures is a small artists' cooperative based in Sydney, Australia and on the Isle of Bute, Scotland. The cooperative has been in operation for over 20 years but has been known as Move in Pictures since 2010.

Some of the projects highlighted on this website are individual projects but most have been developed collaboratively. Collaborative projects often begin as an individual project. Once it has reached a sufficient stage of development the project is handed over to another member of the cooperative. They, in turn, improvise around the themes of the piece to produce something in a completely different form. In this way variations on an ancient text can become a series of proposals for sculptures and installations that is then transformed into collages before reaching a final form as an animated video. This is the case with one of the projects featured on the website, One Way - Stills in Movement.

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Latest News

Colin's book Blue Solitude has been released by Knives Forks and Spoons Press (2018). Copies are available here

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Colin's 'From The Doors – the ghost variations - Part 3' has been published in the latest edition of Ink, Sweat and Tears: The Poetry and Prose Webzine (February 2018). View it here

Colin's 'The Doors - Excerpt from a Book by Colin Campbell Robinson - Part 2' has been published in the latest edition of Glasgow Review of Books (January 2018). View it here

Colin's 'From the Blanchot Variations - Part 2' has been published in the latest edition of A Bad Penny Review (January 2018). View it here

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