Jude Robinson

During the early 1980s Jude Robinson displayed paintings in a number of well-received group exhibitions held at Melbourne galleries such as Heidi, Gryphon and RMIT. However, due to her aversion to the increasing commodification of creative activity and the competitive nature of the art world, Jude withdrew to continue working in what she believes is essentially a spiritual practice.

Over the years Jude has produced a unique body of work employing a variety of mediums including painting in acrylics, papercut-outs (a la Matisse) and ink drawings. Jude moves between abstraction and figuration; landscape and poetic narrative; biography and homage.

Despite her detachment from the art world private collectors have acquired a number of Jude's paintings over the years.

In recent times, through her involvement with Move in Pictures, Jude's paintings have served as the basis for several multi-media productions and projected installations.

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